Located in Hohhot, China, Gold Horse International, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Gold Horse International, Inc. (Nevada) and Global Rise International Ltd., controls and operates Inner Mongolia Jin Ma Construction Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Jin Ma Hotel Co., Ltd., and Inner Mongolia Jin Ma Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Today, Gold Horse took a major step towards enhancing its future with the announcement that the young company has almost completed the construction of a residential building constructed for provincial government.

This is the fifth of the Procuratorate Housing Estates that Gold Horse has begun construction on. The Estates, also known as the Jian Guan residences, have already had an 80% sold out rate to date which displays a bright future for the young company.

Leading the way at Gold Horse is Liankuan Yang who serves as the company’s CEO. When asked his thoughts on this project, Yang was quoted as saying, “In December 2009, we began construction of building No. 5 of the Procuratorate Housing Estates (also known as Jian Guan), which consists of a construction area of 5,825 square meters, consisting of 69 residential units. Sixty days from now, this project should be completed, with estimated revenues of $2.2 million. Currently, we have pre-sold 58 units to individual homebuyers and expect to sell the remaining units prior to its completion.”

This campaign, known as ‘Go West’, has allowed Gold Horse to receive national recognition and to come one step closer to their goal of becoming one of the most prominent construction and real estate development companies in Western China.

To learn more about Gold Horse, visit the company website at: www.goldhorseinternational.com.