Just about a month ago, the gold price tanked in after market trading, dropping all the way down to $1535 an ounce. This occurred right after the parade of experts past the TV screen, began to make the most wild predictions of much higher gold prices to come. Even the words $5,000 an ounce were uttered, some saying it could occur by the end of the year.

As gold prices pulled back, the enthusiasts jumped off the band wagon so fast you would think someone had thrown a bee hive, full of killer bees, into their midst. Few bothered to look at the charts and see what really happened. The bottom line is, in this bull market of more than 10 years now, this latest pull-back is normal. And, as markets open today, gold is up more than 29% on the year. If gold made no further move higher, it's performance for the year would be considered stellar.

But that's not what we hear. When gold came off its last record high, we heard - AGAIN - the rally is over! The portion of the story we did not hear was that, gold at its lowest point after this last pull-back, was still up 16% on the year. The S&P however, was down 9% but it was the tale of the golden disaster that was told.

Then, last week, to widespread cheers, the markets broke out of the red zone into the black - Barely! Yay! We're even! I think this is a clear sign we have arrived at a momentous point in the markets and the economy. Presently, the sentiment is so negative on gold, even mention of the word causes people to scoff, as though you're an idiot for even thinking about owning it. One gentleman commented to me personally, See I told ya! That was 30 days ago. Since then, gold is up 12% even after some morning profit-taking. And, even though gold is up 29% on the year, the story goes untold and the story line on gold remains, The Gold Rally Is Over!

When we find ourselves cheering break even and jeering 29% gains, I believe that is a dangerous sign. Yesterday, a friend cited some statistics he read about the economy. He informed me that total GDP is higher today than it was pre-crisis. He added that we have reached this level with 7 million fewer workers in the workforce. The comment was followed by the question, do you think this indicates some kind of recovery? I then reminded him that, between government bailouts and Fed stimulus, there has been some $11 trillion spent and invested to avoid economic collapse and bring about recovery. See Bailout Tracker here. So I ask, if $11 trillion of stimulus could not save 7 million jobs, how many more trillions of stimulus will it take to bring them back and start growing the economy?

Of course the GDP has grown but not without an equal but opposite reaction. More Debt! Here's the staggering reality. For every job lost since the crisis began, we spent a staggering $1.57 million. Put another way, we spent $37,000 per man woman and child in this country on recovery. We printed money, we borrowed money and we're spending our savings to get nowhere. Our savings and retirement accounts are being gutted right before our eyes yet we continue to be force fed the recovery story.

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