We learned 6,000 years ago that physical gold is a currency. We learned here in the past few months that the currency of a gold coin will buy oil. Now, we see as the faith in helicopter money is falling and Tide detergent is becoming currency. Bizarre? Not really. As faith in paper money falls, expect more of this. From the article: ....Tide is known as liquid gold.

Also from the article by Jeffrey Tucker writing for Whiskey and Gunpowder was the following: The driving force here is a war on the dollar. Not good folks, not good. This is Mr. Tucker's line that gave me pause: But as you think about it, as bad as Tide might be as a currency, there is a sense in which the dollar is actually worse. It costs less to print on linen than it does to make a bottle of laundry detergent, meaning that the dollar is more likely to be inflated into oblivion.

Again, Jeffrey Tucker: Selecting which commodity is to become money is a matter for entrepreneurs and market forces. Well, I know which commodities are going to be my money - history says that is a small gold coin or Peace silver dollars are the ultimate form of money, which you also can procure at Lear Capital!