Mineweb's annual gold price prediction competition draws to a close this week, so readers who would like to try their forecasting skills against those of their peers will need to get their entries in quickly.  To date we have over 70 entries, which is already more than last year's total and the average price predictions to date are as follows:  a high of $1,305, a low of $753, a year-end figure of $1,129 and an average over the year of $974.  For competition purposes, all figures used will be based on the London Bullion Market Association's twice daily gold price fixings.We will publish the full listing of entries in Mineweb next week (but without email addresses).To enter please send in your predictions for the gold price high, low, year-end and average prices.  You may cut and paste the form below as a guide:NOTE: WHOLE NUMBERS ONLY PLEASE.  DECIMAL ESTIMATES WILL BE ROUNDED TO THE NEAREST WHOLE NUMBER (.50 WILL BE ROUNDED UPWARDS)


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