With Gold breaking above the 1,700/50 level, its psycho levels and maintaining its bullish long term upside momentum, further upside risk is now expected. A decisive break and hold above the 1,800.00 level now being tested will call for a run at the 1,850 level and then the 1,900 level, all representing its psycho levels. Both its daily and weekly RSI are bullish and pointing higher supporting this view. Alternatively, on any pullback, Gold will aim at the 1,750.00 level at first followed by the 1,700.00 level where a reversal of roles as support is expected to occur. This should turn the commodity back up in the direction of its long term uptrend. Other supports are located at the 1,632.60 level, its July 29'2011 high and the 1,600.00 level. All in all, Gold continues to build on its long term uptrend and now eyes further bullish offensive.