Gold Technical Update

XAU/USD (Gold)

Gold has been in a choppy mode, without any real direction. It has been trading in a large range between roughly 1800 and 1520. 1666.50 can be considered a central pivot as it is near the middle of the range and has been a pivot several times.

Resistance 1 = 1704.60; R2 = 1760
Support 1 = 1625-1628; S2 = 1560

As the market trades around the central pivot, it has been showing a bearish bias in price action with respect to a declining trendline as resistance. Entering the 4/30 US trading session, gold is falling sharply from the mentioned resistance cluster at 1666.50 down to 1645. Ability to stay below 1650 holds a bearish outlook in the short-term toward 1628-1630.

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