The same financial scene is continuing today as the gold and oil prices are lightly slipping but remain high facing a dollar that is still rising.

Gold prices are still floating around $885 an ounce, which is considered high, reaching a high of $884.95 today, falling almost $2.35 an ounce after reaching a high of $887.30 yesterday. This little decline in the yellow precious metal price is still due to the strengthening dollar that rose even more today, inspiring and encouraging investors to back off from gold and go to the green currency as they visualize the high returns. Gold this week is no longer seen as a hedge against inflation.

Oil prices remain high but have slightly declined reaching $124 a barrel facing a stronger dollar and a demand that is expected to decrease due to the earth quake that happened in China, one of the biggest oil consumers, where thousands died. But always with the support of a limited oil supply due mainly to the attacks that are continuously taking place in Nigeria against oil facilities, and a world high demand on oil, crude prices remain high and strong.

The green currency rose once again today and gained against majors because market expectations are now showing that the Feds will most likely put an end to all the interest rate cuts which as a result drove investors to buy and put in more in the green currency. This resurrected dollar is making it hard for the gold prices to incline as it's endlessly attracting investors having investments swap from commodities to the American currency.