GOLD (Futures): With a strong rally pushing Gold through the 1,192.20 and the 1,200 levels to test a high of 1,213.55 the past week, we see a risk of recapturing the 1,226 level. While the commodity holds and trades above its psycho level/May 04'10 high at 1,200/1,192.20, our upside view remains valid. Beyond the 1,226.33 level will resume its long term uptrend and open the door for a move higher towards the 1,250 and the 1,300 levels. The latter is expected to turn the commodity back down on an initial test. However, if that fails to occur, the 1,350 and the 1,400 levels will be aimed at. Its weekly RSI remains supportive of this view. On any pullback from its current price levels, Gold should find support initially at the 1,200 level with a turn below there allowing for further weakness towards the 1,192.20 level where a reversal of roles is likely to occur. Further support lies at the 1,156.90 level, its May 05'10 low. Overall, Gold is poised to head further higher and recapture its 2009 high at 1,226.33 and beyond.