What is really happening?? Yesterday we left our work and headed home; relaxed as we believe the markets will hold on the levels they recorded after Paulson speech about the new restructuring responsibilities, calling the plan with Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure, yet the confidence in this plan was shaken a bit because with all the effort made by policy makers for the sake of saving the US economy, yet they failed at the end, having no little effect on the disastrous issue in the States.

The 15 nation currency which shares a theoretical proportional relationship with the bullion, yesterday heading to downside dragging with it the shiny metal to $918.60 levels from the highest it reached $940.55; opening today at $918.72 as its continuing the downside potential to trade in the European session at $908.53.

The shiny metal couldn't fight against the strength the US dollar gained, after the positive data in addition to the new plan; so the bullion ended the fourth quarter of 2008 with a huge drop.

On the other hand, crude oil heading to the downside affected mainly by the strength the US dollar gained, were today the oil is trading around $101 per barrel, dropping from the $105 level that it traded around yesterday, giving the gold another reason to fall down.