I have written about gold for 8 years. My predictions are some of the best. But let’s move to the topic – the gold spirit.

First, I would like to comment on an email exchange I had with one of the significant gold market makers. So I told him, gold is a spiritual thing. I said it is somehow involved in the separation of man from body and his spiritual side.

Now this guy is sweet. Kind etc. but he said I kinda sounded nutty. No I don’t. He is retarded (no offense dude I’m making a joke).

So gold represents work right. It is money which intrinsically represents work or a trade unit for work. Right? Now yes

Let’s get to the spiritual discussion. Because that is what I’m trying to discuss now here.

Gold as work and work as spirit

Gold is money and the best u can find. It’s even in the bible and has things related to just weights and measures. But money is saved work. See. So when you steal (bankers) you are committing a spiritual crime.

Money is people’s work. Work is your blood sweat and tears from effort. It’s what I call blood money. Blood money is money you worked and sweated for.

So inside the money is this spiritual force (I am serious here.) of many people working for blood money. Their life, savings, work, dreams live inside that blood money. I use blood to just give the idea of the efforts involved.

If all your hopes and dreams are involved in your work, and that is translated into money, which ultimately is translated into gold money, then your work is sanctified inside this gold. I’m just trying to explain this concept. Maybe I’m not the best at it.

This means that gold has spiritual value. Especially because it can’t be faked, printed etc. or debased or robbed. IE just weights and measures.

The spiritual separation of money

So gold is a separation of the physical to the spiritual (work thoughts hopes and dreams). This is the idea that, in a short email my friend did not understand or rather I did not explain at all.

It’s interesting that in the bible it talks about making a man of fine gold as I recall.

So just weights and measures. Blood money. Spiritual separation between work and goods, and money. Gold does all this.

Interesting no?

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