Today the portrait changed a bit; gold prices are still floating around the same level, oil prices inclined and the dollar is still gaining power.

The precious metal is still seeing its prices hovering around $865 an ounce; gold price reached a high of $868.80 an ounce today. This is due to the rising dollar that constantly makes it hard on the gold to have its prices climb and encourages investors to get away from the safe shiny yellow asset and put in the green strengthened currency targeting the high returns.

Oil on its side reached a new record of almost $127 a barrel, despite the fact that it's facing a strong dollar. This happened as soon as traders heard that Iran's government was considering cutting crude oil production knowing that Iran is one of the biggest oil producers. Therefore expecting a cut in oil supply facing a high crude demand strongly supported this new crude record.

The green currency is still gaining as Bernanke said yesterday that the Feds will act as needed with the developments in the financial sector and that gave investors some hopes that the US economy may rebound in the following period. This growing dollar is the main reason why the gold is seeing its price suspended these days at a same level. The dollar remains on attracting many investors.