The XAUUSD daily chart is currently showing a period of consolidation after the last leg lower to test 1635 area prior support.  The 1635 area has multiple elements of confluence comprised of the following:  


- 61.8% Fibonacci retrace, 

- FE100 extension 

- Previous resistance which subsequently became support in December 2012.  




This technical level  has proved to be a near term pivot for gold (XAUUSD) once again.    


The current consolidation phase has gold trading between the aforementioned support lows and the 1680 area, which is loosely aligned with the 5/11/12 daily low, and marks a 50% corrective retrace of the swing from 1695 - 1625.


A sustained break under 1625 - the year to date low - would likely be viewed as a constructive technical development.  Any extended downside price action would ultimately need to contend with the 1520 - 1530 area previous support which has held on three separate attempts to break lower since September 2011.  A break under the 1522 area would be the lowest level since July 2007.


If the recent 1625 area lows hold, the upside scenario has the 1695 - 1700 handle as an initial technical area of interest, as this marks a prominent lower high from 2/1/13.  Further to this is the key 1785 - 1800 area previous resistance. 


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