Gold surged back through $1,000/oz on Friday, as the dollar weakened  based on poor US non-farm payroll data. It is holding above that level and a continued hold above $1,000/oz should signal that gold has strong fundamentals  despite its recent behaviour being influenced by short term dollar fluctuations. The poor US jobs report on Friday has led to falling stock markets in Asia and a tentative start in Europe. Concerns regarding a second economic downturn will likely lead to renewed risk aversion and this bodes well for gold and should see gold make new (nominal) record highs in the coming weeks.

Silver is currently trading at $16.28/oz.

Platinum Group Metals
Platinum is $1,284/oz, palladium is $9/oz above its Friday fix, currently trading at $300/oz. Rhodium is trading at $1,550/$1,650/oz.