Luxury Jewelry: Stephanie Simek has a true eye for the unusual

(pun intended: her most recognized pieces include her immensely popular

eyelash necklaces) and this piece fits into her repertoire beautifully:

the gold quail egg necklace.

Don't let the 23-karat gold leaf lining the inside of the shell fool

you: these are real egg shells; Japanese quail egg shells to be exact.

Their insides are filmed by hand with gold leaf and the effect is

unlike anything you'll see on chains elsewhere. The inside of the shell

is the perfect environment for light, allowing the gold film to do its

job impeccably: the shell simply glows from inside-out.


Stephanie Simek's handcrafted pieces doesn't mean anxiety, either: each

shell receives a healthy coating of plastic for strength. And, just in

case you were worried about showing up to the party wearing the same

ol' egg around your neck as someone else, rest assured: each shell is

naturally speckled and dotted with unique markings and varies slightly

in size, so no two look alike.

Simek, a New York photographer/performance artist/designer has always

been bold in her concepts but this necklace strikes a new note

altogether. Hanging on eighteen inches of thread-like chain, her

organic concept shines as the focal point, almost too beautiful to

touch. Now who knows where to find gold-dipped twig earrings?