As Easter nears, many Christians around the world commemorated Good Friday on April 18 through various readings and processions throughout the day.

Good Friday is a religious holiday where Christians pray and reflect on the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. With the many denominations of Christians around the world, the way Good Friday is commemorated varies with each region and Christian denomination.

While many processions and readings are traditionally held on the religious holiday of Good Friday, some denominations such as the Roman Catholic Church don’t hold certain liturgies such as Mass during Good Friday and throughout the weekend leading into Easter Sunday.

Despite Mass not being held during Good Friday, many Christians re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in what is known as the Stations of the Cross, or the Way of the Cross.

In some processions in cities such as a Paris, France, the Stations of the Cross is done in a simple manner with a crowd of people walking the path of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, while listening to readings and reciting prayers. In other countries such as the Philippines, the crucifixion is often re-enacted dramatically, complete with actors playing the roles of Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot, Mary Magdalene, Pontius Pilate and other figures present in the Biblical Gospel stories of the crucifixion.

In addition to Good Friday commemorations and processions being held around the world, the religious holiday is also one of two fast days for Roman Catholics during the Lenten season.

Take a closer look at Good Friday processions around the world in photos below.