Google's simple +1 button just got more interesting.

Or, in the opinion of critics, it became interesting for the first time. Ever since its launch in June, Google has stated that the +1 button allows weighting of search results, and those on Google+ can get a handy history of pages that they've +1'd. But that was about it.

In a post on the Official Google Blog on Wednesday, Google+ guru Vic Gundotra announced that the +1 button will soon offer two new features to make it far more interactive and even somewhat informative: the first is called sharing with circles, and the second is the intriguingly titled +snippets.

Sharing with circles is fairly self-descriptive: any time a user clicks the +1 button on a web site or search result, a new Share on Google+ option will pop up, and from there you can comment, choose a circle and share, writes Gundotra.

If this reminds you of features that some other social networks provide, it's probably no real coincidence; the function is very similar to 'liking' a page for Facebook, or sharing a page on Twitter, or hitting the relatively verbose I Like It! button for StumbleUpon, or...well, a feature doesn't need to be completely unique to be a good idea.

Gundotra also writes that clicking on the +1 button will make +Snippets also pop up, and by that he means a brief summary, and image, and a link.

They're a great way to jumpstart conversations with the people you care about, Gundotra writes, and also that they serve an important function to the people behind the web page. Of course: publishers can benefit from +snippets as well. With just a few changes to their webpages, publishers can actually customize their +snippets and encourage more sharing of their content on Google+.

Gundotra promises that Google will be rolling out sharing and +snippets globally over the next week, and at the time of this writing, the new features were not yet available for a test drive.


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