Google has updated its Google+ iOS app to support -- but not necessarily take full advantage of -- iPad and iPod touch.

Today Google released an updated version of its increasingly popular Google+ social networking app for Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The original version of the app had been developed specifically to support the iPhone, and users of other iOS devices had to wait the extra three weeks for the basic device additions.

The bad news is that Google has done very little to make the Google+ app seem like a good fit for the iPad; for one thing, the graphics demonstrate that 'pixellated zoom syndrome' that curses a number of iPhone-to-iPad ports. There are no actual optimizations for the iPad, but it remains a much easier solution than previous attempts to install earlier versions of the app on the iPad (in other words, the jailbreak and/or tethered solutions using the iPhone Configuration Utility). Undoubtedly an iPad optimized app will comes sooner or later -- if not by the arrival of the iPad 3, then soon afterward.

This release also adds a few other features, including "various speed and performance improvements", according to the official Google release notes, and a few additional options for Stream views and Huddles. All of those pesky individual "+1" notifications are now being grouped together just as they would be in a browser, a small issue but one that saves plenty of space (and patience).

Some of the bugs have been fixed that once made the Google+ app difficult to deal with for some users, although there have been a few reports that some bugs remain. The requirements specify iOS version 4.0, and anyone using beta versions of iOS 5 can almost count on having problems -- although it will no longer immediately crash when bringing up Streams and Huddles. Obviously, Google seems to be more than usually conscientious about responding to bug reports.

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