Looking to gain traction in the increasingly popular daily deals market, Google has snatched up The Dealmap.

The Dealmap is an aggregator that compiles various daily deals from an array of sources and puts them on an easy-to-see map. Dealmap divides deals into categories such as restaurants, health & beauty, shopping and others. Users can also simply search for what they would like a deal on and where they are located.

"We are impressed with what The Dealmap team has accomplished and are excited to welcome them to Google," Google said in a statement. "We've been thrilled with the early success of our commerce offerings, and we think they can help us build even better products and services for consumers and merchants."

Google has made several attempts to make headway in this industry. Last year, it attempted to buy Groupon for $6 billion. However, Groupon declined and has now gone forth with a plan to go public. After getting rejected by Groupon, Google added a daily deals service, Google Deals, when it unveiled the Google Wallet. Thus far, Google has rolled out Google Offers on a city by city basis.

For The Dealmap, which launched in May of last year and has already grown pretty rapidly, getting bought by Google made a lot of sense.

"We believe Google provides the ideal platform to help us accelerate our growth and fulfill our mission. We're passionate about helping people save money while having great local experiences, and in Google we've found the perfect partner that shares this passion, as well as our vision and strategy. We believe that joining Google will help us innovate in new and unexplored areas of commerce," The Dealmap said in a statement.

They offered no specific plans for integration. For the time being, The Dealmap says it will continue as is and the company will continue to support its own API.

Information on how much money was spent on The Dealmap was not made available.