A Google Docs spreadsheet is being heavily circulated across the internet in an aim to offer aid and support to those affected by the three bomb blasts in Mumbai today, the social media Website Mashable reported.

The Doc appears to be started by Nitin Sagar who wrote on his Twitter page, Started the Mumbai Help Spreadsheet with 5 phone numbers. Came home to find 200+. Before I choke, I salute everyone.

The spreadsheet is spilt into five different categories: # here2help, #needhelp, blood group, missing, and injured.  According to a report on Mashable phone numbers are listed for official help locations, such as blood banks and the police control room. People who have contributed to the Doc have offered help such as food and shelter. Some Mumbai residents have offered blood and generous donations.

In a post on his twitter account Sagar wrote I can't stop reading the 'how to help column'. Solidarity in calamity. No words. Peace to affected families. Amen.

Three near-simultaneous explosions shook India's Mumbai during rush-hour today with twenty-one people killed and a further 113 injured according to the Associated Press. One explosion was reported in the Zaveri Bazaar, another in the Opera House business district and a third in Dadar district in the city center. Police have said the explosions were a result of home-made bombs.

Mumbai was last attacked in November 2008 when 10 gunmen launched attacks on two luxury hotels and other major landmarks. Nine gunmen were killed, one was arrested.