Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges was honored with a Google Doodle on Wednesday in celebration of his 112th birthday.

The doodle depicts an aging man with a walking stick overlooking a detailed architectural complex through glass. Images from Borges' short story The Garden Forking, are displayed in the library of the illustration. These images have commonly been interpreting as representing the Internet as they suggest forking paths through different networks of time.

Borges was born in Buenos Aires Argentina on August, 24 1899. He was a novelist, essayist, philosopher as well as a renowned poet. He started his career by publishing poems in surrealist literary journals before he became a librarian at the Buenos Aires National Public Library and later became a professor of literature at the University of Buenos Aires. He was widely published in the United States and Europe and won many prizes for his works.

This morning on Twitter, Google wished the writer a happy 112th birthday adding a well- known Borges Quote I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.