It is celebration time, and Google's is here wishing Happy Holidays to all with its new doodle.

Google has been wishing all its users happy Christmas and holidays from the past 10 years, with a new doodle each year.

This year Google's holiday doodle has a clear black background depicting a dark night with the designs of snowflake, Santa Claus, bell, snowman, candle and a gift-wrapped box made with neon lights. The Google logo is visible as an outline behind the icons. The images are static and a click on the logo will take you to the happy holidays Google search results page.

Last year's Google holiday doodle was an interactive design with holiday scenes from across the world.

The first Google doodle was created in honor of the Burning Man festival in 1998. Google since has been using doodles to represent important occasions like festivals, birthdays of important persons, events, etc.  Most of the Google doodles are in a lighter vein and act as simple reminders of important happenings, events, anniversaries, etc. The first holiday Google doodle had a snowman in 1999.

The simplicity of the message and, sometimes, the humor embedded in it have made Google doodles a craze among Internet users.

Google has also started a Doodle for Google competition that gives K-12 students an opportunity to design Google doodles. The competition for 'Google Doodle-2012 has been announced and the details are expected to be released by Google in early January.

To capitalize on the fan craze over Google doodles, Google had recently revamped their doodle site to include a purchase feature for doodle designs. Now fans can buy any of the Google doodle designs from the Web site of Doodles on Demand, and print them on mugs, caps, T-shirts or any other merchandise.