Google Earth, the extremely popular free satellite mapping software was used as a mapping device by Swiss authorities who announced today that they had found a large marijuana plantation while using it.

Police were investigating an alleged drug ring in the northeastern state of Thurgau and that the discovery was part of a large operation of an ongoing investigation that has so far led to the arrest of 16 people and the seizure of 1.2 tons of marijuana with a street value of $2.5 million USD, a cash and other valuables were seized as well with a value of over $800,000 USD.

Zurich police Norbert Klossner head of Special narcotics unit said that It was an interesting by chance discovery.

The police plan to prosecute all the suspected drug dealers in February and press for prison sentences on all 16.

In the latest example of law enforcement using the Internet satellite mapping tool to nab criminals few questions and debate are coming out.

With the recent discovery of the prohibited plants, critics are asking whether the actual footage on a Google Earth was accurate at that time it was being used.

Government Officials are also troubled through the use of wealthy information online. New York City officials are one of those concerned about the vast information available on Web services.

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