Google Inc may partner with another Chinese company in an effort to capture the Chinese market after two years of operation in the region with stiff competition from Inc which leads the market and provides free, unlicensed music downloads.

There are allegations that Google will partner with a Chinese online music company that can allow it to provide free licensed music downloads.

Providing free downloadable music will offer Google a better position in the market as it competes with Baidu to gain dominance in an Internet market which is forecasted to surpass U.S. market in the number of users.

Google haven't yet revealed a clear plan about the free music download in China, but the firm officials made it clear that the company is determined to win the China internet market by overtaking Baidu.

The great part of success for Baidu was its music search service which gives it huge amounts of traffic, about 7 percent of the firm's total traffic, by facilitating easy access to free music.

Baidu gets much of its revenue by selling ads directly on its music pages.