Google has launched a new analytics tool called Google Squared, which takes a spreadsheet-like approach to finding information on the Web.

It essentially searches the Web to find the types of facts you might be interested in, extracts them and presents them in a meaningful way, said Google.

If your square isn't perfect at the beginning, it's easy to work with Google Squared to get a better answer.

The launch comes nearly a month after the search firm unveiled the idea for the product at Google's Searchology . At the time, there was talk that Google Squared would rival the 'computational knowledge engine' from Wolfram Alpha, but initial users of Google's version have expressed disappointment with the results.

Google agreed, pointing out that the technology behind Google Squared is by no means perfect.

Google said its engineers are continuing to work out the search engine's bugs.

Meanwhile, Google's new functionality comes as Microsoft released its own search engine,, which touts more features, such as more video previews in the browser page, but with guided results formatted in sleek, streamlined panes.