San Diego traffic court judge commissioner John Blair dismissed a citation brought upon a Temecula driver last October for wearing Google Glass while driving. The case is thought to be the first of its kind, many news outlets have reported.

Cecilia Abadie received the citation after being pulled over while wearing the Google glasses, according U-T San Diego. Blair determined that Abadie was not wearing them at the time she was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol officer. He also dismissed a speeding ticket she received due to a lack of evidence. 

Officer Keith Olge cited Abadie in October for violating California Vehicle Code Section 27602. The section says that drivers aren’t allowed to view television or video signals while driving unless they appear on dashboards, navigation systems, backup cameras and similar systems. Abadie’s lawyer argued that Google Glass didn’t fall under the code since it hadn’t yet been created when the law was written, according to various outlets.

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