After hitting a new all-time high of $610.26 yesterday, shares of Google have yet again rocketed to hit another milestone. The search engine stock came out swinging this morning, assailing to a new all-time high of $623.78, up 14.19 points from its close yesterday.

The feat now marks the 7th time in 3 weeks the stock has reached a new peak. Since reaching an intraday low of $480.46 on August 16, shares have vaulted $143.32, nearly 23%. The ascent is attributed to high expectations for the company's third-quarter earnings, slated to be released October 18.

Currently, Google shares are trading at $615.94, up 1.04%. The stock is now running circles around its moving averages, soaring nearly 30 points above its 10-day moving average and 60 points above its 20-day moving average.

Not to be outdone, Research In Motion , which hit a new high of its own yesterday, has topped itself again, this morning marking a new high of $118.80. RIMM's elevation today isn't as promising as Google's, though, as shares are currently trading at $115.36, down 1.96%.