Google Inc said on Wednesday it will sell advertising spots on 11 cable networks carried by satellite television operator DirecTV Group.

The Google TV Ads system will handle the sales of commercial spots for such networks as Bloomberg, Fox Business and TV Guide.

Google TV Ads, which was launched in 2008, is a marketplace where advertisers can buy national advertising inventory on networks carried by Dish Network Corp and now also DirecTV.

Satellite and cable operators typically sell a limited number of commercial spots themselves, alongside spots sold by cable networks and their advertising agencies.

Terms of the new partnership were not disclosed.

Separately Google announced in May its plans for GoogleTV -- an on-screen search box that allows viewers to look through live programs, DVR recordings and the Web.

Shares of DirecTV fell 1.5 percent to $38.82 but fared better than the 2 percent decline in the broader market.

(Reporting by Jennifer Saba; Editing by Derek Caney.)