Google, under investigation for alleged unfair practices in both the U.S. and Europe hired a U.S. government policy planning lawyer, Suzanne Michel, from the Federal Trade Commission.

Earlier this year, Michel issued an FTC report that examined the U.S. patent system looking to speed innovations. She had been with the FTC since 2000 and was deputy director of policy planning.

Google, based in Mountain View, California, declined comment on Michel's future responsibilities. The company has been sued by others, including database leader Oracle, as well as Apple and Microsoft, which all allege patent infringements of their own products.

For the past year, Google has been under examination by both the FTC and the European Commission for alleged unfair practices. No findings have been made by other body.

Companies hire government lawyers, as well as Cabinet secretaries and heads of federal agencies frequently.

Meredith Atwell Baker, a member of the Federal Communications Commission, joined NBCUniversal in June after voting to approve Comcast's majority purchase of NBC for General Electric. William Daley, now Chief of Staff for President Obama, had been Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton before leaving for AT&T and JPMorganChase before assuming his current post.

Google shares traded at $599.85, up $7.53, in late Wednesday trading.