Chrome didn't make its Android debut with the latest version of Google's mobile OS. Android 4.0 launched Oct. 19 and its a blend of the OS Android had been using for phones and the version that had been designed for tablets. There is still no mobile version of Google Chrome, but the new Android browser has many new features. Additionally, Firefox is working on a native Android browser and Dolphin Browser, a popular third-party browser app has been updated. Here's how they stack up.

Andriod 4.0's (Ice Cream Sandwich) new browser has the address bar, a menu button, and a tabs button at the top instead of just the bookmark button and address bar. The tabs button displays the open tabs and lets you add bookmarks. Additionally, it can sync your bookmarks with Chrome, so you can get to your favorite pages from anywhere. The last piece of Chrome functionality included is the incognito browsing for more privacy.

Firefox doesn't get used as much in the mobile world, but tha could change soon because all new versions of Firefox on Android will have a tweaked user interface that loads faster and uses less memory. The new mobile configuration was just announced, and there is no date set yet for when the new version will be available, so Firefox 8 and 9 will both go out this year in the current configuration.

However, if what you want is an entirely new Android browsing experience, then check out Dolphin Browser. The powerfull app has a new version that lets you sync settings and bookmarks gives improved access to your favorite Web sites through something called Webzine. Also available now for iPhone and iPad, Dolphin Browser has been a popular alternative to the native Android browser for some time. Dolphin Browser 7.0 lets you create your own gestures, has a sidebar for bookmarks, and a Chrome-like smart address bar with text prediction. It comes to the Android Marketplace Oct. 24.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Android browser is.