Google announced on Monday that it will launch its first ever e-reader, the Story HD, on July 17 exclusively sold in Target stores nationwide.

Teaming up with consumer electronics company iriver, the e-reader will be compatible with Google's eBooks store and feature a full QWERTY keyboard, six-inch eInk screen and built-in Wi-Fi, according to Slate.

The slim lightweight model will only be available beginning Sunday at Target stores nationwide and through for $139.99. Exclusively for use over the open Google eBooks platform launched last year, the Story HD grants primary access for users to browse and select from over 3 million free titles and hundreds of thousands of titles for sale from all publishers, retailers and manufacturers, even including independent bookstores.

Fully adaptable to the changing climate of e-readers, Google's blog boasts that you can also store your personal ebooks library in the cloud-picking up where you left off in any ebook you're reading as you move from laptop to smartphone to e-reader to tablet.

The iriver Story HD has a higher-resolution screen at 1024 by 768 pixels, rivaling Amazon's Kindle launched in 2007 and Barnes & Noble's Nook introduced in 2009.