Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, will kick off Wednesday at noon EDT. More than 6,000 developers will be in San Francisco to get the latest news and updates on all things Google.

Many people, ourselves included, won’t be able to make it to Google I/O, but never fear. While plenty of companies like to keep their events invite-only, Google will be live streaming the majority of the I/O conference for everyone to watch. We’ll be hosting the I/O live stream right here, so tune into the keynote speeches to get the latest product and technology announcements as soon as they happen -- all from the comfort of your home or office.

This year, Google will also broadcast hands-on demos and deep-dives into products introduced at Google I/O.

Here's what IBTimes expects to see from the Google I/O live stream. The IBTimes tech team will also provide live analysis and official announcements from Google as they happen throughout the conference, so be sure to check throughout the day for more updates from Google I/O.

As the conference nears, the Internet is a flurry of rumors and leaks of what people expect to see. One major one is that Google is planning to release its own subscription-based music streaming service to compete with Spotify. Confirming a previous IBTimes report, new leaked images point towards a massive overhaul of Google Maps. 

Google Glass is expected to be a big focus at the I/O conference, but does are people really excited about it? A new report from BGR shows that only one in 10 Americans say they would actually wear Glass. 45 percent said Google Glass is "too socially awkward." 

In the weeks leading up to I/O, Google's shares have soared, gaining over 10 percent to trade at over $900 for the firs time. 


One of the first major announcements was Google Play Game Services. With this service, Google claims that Google Play Game Services will synchronize several things via its cloud, including save games, achievements, leaderboards and more. Users of Google Play Game Services will also be able to find and play multiplayer games with each other.


Chris Yerga, engineering director at Google, announced the new All Access app at I/O, which allow for on-demand music streaming and a highly customizable radio option, which can instantly create a playlist from any song or artist, much like Pandora or Spotify. 


Google through everyone a curveball when it come to updates regarding the Android mobile OS. Instead of unveiling Android 5.0 or Android 4.3, the company has launched a number of Google and Android apps and services. In addition, Google has unveiled a new version of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. This “Google Edition” of the Galaxy S4 runs on a stock version of the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system, completely devoid of the Samsung TouchWiz interface.


Google didn’t forget its search engine, the company’s bread and butter that made them the giant they are today. Amit Singhal took the I/O stage and introduced an expansion of the knowledge graph that will help Google anticipate future searches and questions. Google also showed off the voice search functions and an expansion of Google Now, and gave a live demonstration of how all of these services work together across all devices.