Google made yet another foray into its social networking endeavors by quietly launching a new photo sharing app called Photovine for Apple iOS. Rumours have been circulating about this app for the past few weeks, but what comes as a surprise is Google's decision to launch Photovine for Apple's iOS, the arch rival of Google's operating system Android.

Google hasn't been very aggressive in publicizing its new app and no public announcements about Photovine were even made on its official blog or on its Twitter accounts. Google had, however, applied for a trademark over the Photovine name on June 7, 2011.

Photovine, which is operated by Slide (a part of Google) allows users to share photos from their phones with friends using the app. Users can share photos on other social networking sites and can also pull in photos from other social networking services into Photovine, reports IBN Live Tech.

What gives Photovine an edge over other photo sharing apps is its name. Like its name suggests, the app creates vines, whereby photos can be shared among a pool of other photos united by a common user-created title. Reports in IBN Live call it a 'constantly growing family of photos connected through a common caption.'

The Photovine Facebook page reads Photovine is a community that's about creating fun and unique collections of photos that we call Vines. Photovine hit Apple stores on Thursday, but did not appear in the Android market. Photovine is currently accessible only by invitation and users can request for an invite through their website -

According to IBN Live there is a lot of speculation that Google might integrate this new app with Google+, but given that Google already owns the popular Picasa photo sharing service and two parallel services can confuse users.

Check out the teaser video of the app below