Google Magnifier

Google has launched its new music blog, Magnifier, as it attempts to make music discovery easy and introduce the company’s newest music marketing policy.

Music Beta was launched three months ago at Google I/O. The music that Magnifier brings forward can be added to Music Beta for free. The Music Beta itself lets the user upload his personal music collection to the cloud and listen to it on the web or Android smartphones or tablet.

“Today we introduced Magnifier, a new music discovery site that will keep your collection growing. Magnifier will feature great music and the people who make it, including videos of live performances, interviews with artists, explorations of different musical genres and free songs that you can add to your Music Beta collection,” wrote Paul Joyce, Product Manager for Music Beta, in the official Google blog.

Google’s Magnifier may arrive as an answer to Facebook’s partnership with Spotify on a music-streaming service. The Spotify service is installed on the user’s desktop in the background and it allows users to play from Spotify’s library of millions of songs through Facebook.

Magnifier has Google+ written all over it and the company may do the same with the Magnifier and integrate it with Google+. A new section in the magnifier called “Tips + Tricks” has been introduced to help the newcomers with the latest music service.

Tim Quirk, Head of Music Programming, says that new free music will be brought to the members each and every day, and it may also be from artists and bands that are not heard of. Videos of interviews and live performances will also be there, according to the official Magnifier blog.