Google+ so far is making mostly the right moves on the crucial issue of privacy.   

Computer World reported that by making Google+ available to a limited number of initial testers, Google is indicating that it has learned from past privacy matters, lawsuits from end users, and government agency fines.

Instead, using only a select few on Google+ is enabling Google to get feedback and fix any privacy holes before the site is made public where it could have some consequences, experts told Computerworld.

I think it is very smart of Google to restrict Plus to a 'limited field trial' -- they aren't even calling it a beta. Google made a misstep with the roll out of Buzz. They've already avoided that mistake with Plus with this limited release. And because it's so exclusive, tech savvy individuals are fighting to get in -- just the type of folks that you want as beta testers, said Sean Sullivan, an F-Secure security adviser told Computerworld.

Earlier this week, a Facebook announcement about a partnership with Skype Technologies SA to offer video calls set the pace for competition between other video call giants such as Google Inc. and Apple. Before the Facebook announcement, analysts speculated the deal between Facebook and Skype could be a reaction by Facebook to try and quickly add the features it's currently missing when compared to Google+.

Google+'s limited access could make its competitors like Facebook get a jump on similar features Google+ has.

And from reports in the Wall Street Journal, Google+ seems to share some of the same features such as allowing information to be viewed by anyone on the web, only certain Google+ members, or nobody, and allows for a profile preview to get a glimpse of how other members will see your page

But it seems Google+ comes with some flaws as Financial Times reporter Tim Bradshaw reported last month that Google+'s resharing feature could leave a hole in the friends' 'circle' when he found out that pictures and posts in a Google+ 'circle' could be shared with those outside that 'circle,' and eventually become public.

Google said it will be working to fix that.