Google sent out invitations for an event in Los Angeles that is scheduled for Nov. 16, and in it, Google made an obscure reference to rock mockumentary This is Spinal Tap. Google may be hinting in the invitation that it is ready to unveil its online music store, tech blog Engadget reported.

If Google did unveil the music store, it would fly in the face of at least some of the major recording industry companies. Google has so far refused to remove an app from the Android Market that helps users find and download free music, reported. MP3 Music Download Pro is one of the most downloaded apps in the entire Market, but the Recording Industry Association of America claims the app is being used for illegal downloads.

The fact that Google may now want to launch their own music service seems to contradict this because not everybody is guaranteed to use the service while the free app is still available. At any rate, the Nov. 16 event should answer the question of whether or not Google has struck a deal with the major labels. If they have secured such a deal, then the GoogleTunes store (not its actual name) should be a go.

Furthermore, Google has made the claim that the music downloading app in question can be used for legitimate purposes. One example is that of old classical music that is not copy-written anymore. But, Google has removed similar apps from the Market before. When the Google music store goes live, it will also likely be closely linked with Google+. What songs should Google populate the store with right at the beginning?

Tell us in the comments if you are ready for a more social music store or if you are a committed MP3 Music Download Pro user.