The rumor that LG is taking charge of Google’s Nexus 2015 project appears more plausible as the South Korean device maker reportedly hinted that building the native Android flagship is on its radar. Working with Google again “is under consideration,” according to the company.

Citing its unnamed source, tech blog site Android Pit reported that LG is contemplating a return to partnership with Google. The Korean firm was tapped by the tech giant for the Nexus 4 and 5 in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Google, however, picked smartphone maker Motorola in late 2014 for the 5.9-inch Nexus 6.

While LG stopped short of confirming that the next Nexus will roll out from its assembly line this 2015, the company did not comment on the likelihood that two Nexus models are coming out this year. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Huawei of China will assemble a Nexus phablet with a 5.7-inch screen profile while has been assigned to the smaller variant at 5.2-inch.

It is unclear how LG’s latest move will actually impact on the running Nexus 2015 narrative but four things are to be expected should the Asian device vendor will end up cornering the lucrative Google deal.

Better brand recall

Huawei, no doubt, is a giant in its own rights, but LG is far more successful in the smartphone arena. For the past few years, LG’s flagship and mid-range phones have catapulted the company into the top five circle of mobile device players. So connecting the Nexus brand anew to that of LG’s rising reputation will only be of great service to Google’s signature phone – both in terms of popularity and reliability.

Solid base-model

With Huawei, nothing is definite on what the Nexus 2015 would be as the Chinese firm has no prior history on the matter. LG is an entirely different story as the company patterned the Nexus 4 and 5 from its flagships when the handsets were released. The chance is high that for the Nexus phone this year, the base-model is the LG G4. Now that easily translates to top-notch device – premium design and high-end specs.

Back to the regular

As mentioned, LG’s likely take on the new Nexus handset is a 5.2-inch variant. The likelihood of this becoming real is sky-high considering that the near 6-inch Nexus 6 was not well-received, which essentially informed Google that Nexus fans aren’t too crazy on jumbo phones. For its hero phone this year, Google may have been convinced to scale down a bit and trust LG to take care of the welcome downsizing.

Solid pricing

Another Nexus 6 turn-off is the high price tag, which Google said is justified by the upsized screen and upscale specifications. But Nexus fans didn’t bite so the lesson learned for Google and LG is – bring on the top of the game never resort to pricy selling. No figures are floating at the moment but LG’s Nexus 2015 is likely more attractive than the Nexus 6 and that is mostly due to lower pricing.

Still, the confirmation to all of these will only come with the Google Nexus 2015 actual unboxing. If the previous release dates are to dictate the rollout moment then the pure Android smartphone is set to land between October and November this year.

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