Thanks to numerous rumors, leaks and benchmark visits, Google’s Nexus 2016 is shaping up very well. While key configurations get repeatedly speculated, this time around, a camera-specific feature is believed to be part of the Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P successor.

Speaking of mobile photography, apart from having a phenomenal camera module with a big lens, software tweaks and hardware changes can go a long way in getting the photo right. For instance, there are some specific aspects like paired lens / dual-lens setup, along with hardware features like laser-assisted autofocus and optical image stabilization help in capturing better photographs.

However, the accuracy and picture perfectness of the photos can be further enhanced by opting for RAW image format. For those not in the know, a RAW image file includes “minimally processed data” from the sensor mounted in a digital camera, image scanner or film scanner.

No wonder, professional photographers and artists prefer RAW format to a great extent. RAW photography apparently cuts out the “processing and compression steps” used by high-resolution JPG / JPEG images, Phone Arena reported.

As it turns out, Google is reportedly gearing up to bring RAW photography support to its own “Camera app.” By doing so, not just the upcoming Google Nexus 2016 smartphone, but also other compatible Nexus phones could benefit from this camera feature.

Google has not confirmed the existence of this camera feature yet. However, folks at Android Police apparently ferreted through the latest Google Camera APK and found out that RAW+JPEG photography is being tested by the search giant.  

Even though Google’s Camera app is available for download for all Android phones via the Play Store, this RAW+JPEG mode is believed to be exclusive to Nexus handsets. Android Police said the code clearly notes the “shooting of RAW photos while having the HDR+ mode active.” This HDR+ mode is reportedly part of Google's Nexus handsets, released in the past few years. This feature was apparently introduced in Nexus 5.

Other than Google Nexus 2016’s RAW photography support, the upcoming flagship is believed to come powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, which is already part of HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 series and LG G5. The device will be backed by 4GB of RAM. On the software front, without any surprise, Google’s Android N will run the handset straight out of the box.

Past reports suggested that HTC has been given the opportunity to build Google Nexus 2016. The recent success story of flagship HTC 10 has only made the expectations surrounding this Nexus device sky-high.