Google has introduced customizable cases for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Nexus 6 smartphones. These cases can be customized by using a favorite photo or map location.

Users can give a customized appeal to the aforementioned Nexus phones by creating a Photos Live Case or Places Live Case. According to the official Android blog, the Photos Live Case can be customized by using a desired photo whereas the Places Live Case can be personalized by using a map location through Google’s webpage for Nexus Live Case.

Photos Live Case

In order to make a Photos Live Case, users will be required to upload an image and enhance it through the available filters. It also features a customizable live wallpaper. It can be created by choosing photos available on Google Photos.

Once the user receives the Live Case by mail, it can be snapped on to the Nexus phone. To use the custom live wallpaper, users are required to install the Live app available on Google Play.

Live cases are equipped with NFC that will work with the Live app to transmit the wallpapers. There is an NFC-enabled shortcut button present on the backside of the case. It can be used to launch the camera app to add more shots to the wallpaper.

Places Live Case

In order to make a Places Live Case, users are needed to choose a location by using Google Maps and stylize it using the available themes. The live wallpaper for Places Live Case will show the current location of the user. And the shortcut button present on the rear side of the case can be used to launch Google Maps to show nearby options.

The default shortcut button for launching camera or maps on both Live Cases can be customized to launch any other app. A Nexus Live Case can be purchased for $35 along with free shipping service.