Google talks are focusing more on a new tablet that the search engine specialist is releasing with partnership with Asus. This new tablet, which is rumored to be a “Kindle Fire Killer” as it will have the same price tag and screen size as Amazon’s offering, is expected to hit U.S. stores in May.

“Kindle Fire Killer” is what we can call the new Google tablet for now. People want cheap and affordable tablets and this is the reason why low-end tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire and RIM’s Blackberry Playbook has been high on sales regardless of the fact they lack premium offerings.

Google Nexus tablet is rumored to be priced around $199 (or $249). It is expected to feature 7-inch screen and quad-core Tegra 3 chip. And, of course, will be powered by Android OS v.4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich).

The quad-core market is new. In such a time, Google Nexus tablet will be a business killer for Kindle Fire, affecting its sales more than other tablet. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is selling like hot cakes, despite being a feature-rich tablet. So if Google Nexus tablet offers premium features but at an affordable price, sales could fly off the charts.

Google has reportedly picked up ASUS to release its new Google Nexus tablet. Surprising, as it is Asus and not Motorola who will be releasing this tablet. One reason could be that Motorola failed to make any impression in the tablet market with its Xoom tablet. On the other hand, Asus’ Transformer lineup is creating waves. Then why did Google buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion? One plausible explanation could be that Google was eyeing Motorola’s portfolio of over 17,000 patents and not the latter’s hardware/software expertise.

Google Nexus tablet, if priced at $199, will surely be the first choice of entry-level tablet users and will blow Kindle Fire off the charts. The co-branded Nexus tablet is expected to hit stores in May.

(Reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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