Google Realtime Search, which was disabled for the launch of Google+ is being revived once again to feature data from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social sources.

Google Realtime search is a tool to integrate data relevant to the freshest information on the web into the usual search result, available at Google’s home page.

Google Search will once again start displaying the tweets and Facebook updates about the latest developments, a feature that has made updates accessible to you just by visiting and you can even search by specifying a region.

Google took Realtime Search down last month after Google contract with Twitter for the access to the full feed of public updates expired and Google failed to come to an agreement with Twitter for continued access, Mashable reports.

“The value the product was providing was not enough,” Google Fellow Amit Singhal said about the decision to turn off the feature during a search panel in Mountain View, California.

Singhal also said that the company is working to develop a search engine for Google+. It is the most wanted feature in the social networking site to make the user posts popular by aiming to climb up the search ranking in Google Search.