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Google has beefed up its search capabilities by releasing real-time search and announcing a new product in Google Labs, called Google Goggles, which is a visual search feature.

Google made the announcements during Google's 3rd annual review of Internet search technology; an event the company calls Searchology.

The search engine giant will begin to automatically update its search results to include relevant information within a few seconds after it's posted up on Twitter, blog posts and other information sources.

The real-time search feature, which will also work on Android devices and iPhones, is part of Google's plan to provide a comprehensive look at what people are discussing online as quickly as possible.

When you merge location-based search, community search with real-time search you will end up with a product that you will want, and that will be coming from a Google near you, quipped Amit Singhal, a Google fellow who introduced the real-time search results, according to PC Mag.

Another very cool feature that Google is working on is Google Goggles, the company's first attempt at augmented reality or visual search.

How does it work? Just open the app, take a photo and Google will process the image and then return search results. With this feature, users won't need to type in what they looking for.

Google Goggles is now available for Android users at Google Labs.

Below is a video demonstrating Google Goggles: