Google announced on Thursday that the company will be closing down Slide and intends to retire Slide's apps in the upcoming months, including Slideshow, SuperPoke! Pets, Video Inbox, Pool Party, and the recently-released Photovine.

We created products with the goal of providing a fun way for people to connect, communicate and share, reads the post on Slide's blog. While we are incredibly grateful to our users and for all of the wonderful feedback over the years, many of these products are no longer as active or haven't caught on as we originally hoped.

Slide's blog post also commits to supporting ways for users to export or migrate their personal content from the discontinued apps.

For many, Slide represents an earlier phase in social networking, as its SuperPoke and Slideshow products were more visible and widely used during MySpace's popularity and the subsequent rise of Facebook.

Google bought Slide last year for an estimated $200 million, hoping to make use of the company's social networking experience and skills while developing its own Google+ network. After the acquisition, Slide moved its employees and operations to Google's San Francisco offices but maintained much of its autonomous status.

However, Slide was not integrated into the Google social networking division that was subsequently created by new CEO Larry Page. Slide continued to develop products for competing platforms as well, such as apps for Facebook, Twitter, and Apple's iOS. This, combined with a declining lack of popularity for many Slide products among Google+ users, perhaps makes Thursday's announcement less of a surprise.

Any of Slide's employees (who number around 100-125) that decide to remain will be transitioned to other Google projects such as YouTube. Two that will not remain are head of product Jared Fischler, who is moving to Square, and founder Max Levchin, who was also one of PayPal's co-founders and its Chief Technical Officer.

“Max has decided to leave Slide and Google to pursue other opportunities, and we wish him the best,” a Google spokesperson told AllThingsD late on Thursday. “Most of the team from Slide will remain at Google to work on other opportunities.”

Additionally, TechCrunch is reporting that Google will maintain Slide's project, a monetized contest app for Twitter and Facebook, because the project was developed by the Slide team in China for Google, and they’ll keep pursuing it, apparently.


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