Google continued to outpace Yahoo-Bing (YaBing) alliance in capturing dollars spend on search advertising in the fourth quarter, according to the latest report from performance marketing firm SearchIgnite.

California-based Google captured 82.6 percent of advertising spends in the fourth quarter, up from 80.2 percent in the third quarter. Meanwhile, YaBing share fell to 17.4 percent.

SearchIgnite added that paid search spend bounced back in 2010, with an 18.5 percent increase.

In U.S., the fourth quarter search spend rose 35.5 percent from last year, and retailers' spending increased 36.6 percent..

SearchIgnite's report tracked more than 59 billion impressions and more than 1.2 billion clicks on Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2010.