Google's Chrome browser has been updated to 3.0.782.215, fixing a number of security vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome received this seemingly minor stable channel update on Monday, although 'minor' could very well be debated by anyone now protected from the myriad (11, to be precise) security vulnerabilities that the update patched -- one of which was considered critical, Google's most evil ranking, with nine of the remaining being evil enough to be considered to be of high importance.

All but two of the vulnerabilities were discovered by participants in Google's bounty program -- the crowdsourcing project that gets money (and a certain amount of recognition) to security researchers for finding bugs in Chrome and Google's web apps. $8,000 was handed out this time around, a drop from the previous period's record high of $17,000, according to Matthew J. Schwartz of

The critical bug netted $1,337 (an elite amount, no doubt) for Michael Braithwaite of browser game developer Turbulenz. $2,000 went to Michel miaubiz Aubizziere for uncovering two separate high evil bugs, but Aubizziere narrowly missed out on a third score when Google's own bug-finders beat him to it (he did get credit for independent verification, although this unfortunately pays no bounty).

A similar platform version (ending in 587.126) fixing the same bugs has also been released on the Stable Channel for Google's thin-client Chromebook devices, including the Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5, and Google's own (discontinued) Cr-48. This follows last week's Chrome OS update, which dramatically increased speeds for the Chromebooks, and the previous week's Secure WIFi and visualization additions.

Meanwhile, the work on Chromium continues to draw the various separate Google platforms closer together. While the ultimate goal of getting Android and Chrome working perfectly together is still far off, the WebKit Developer's group stated on Monday that the Android Browser has come to share more and more code with Chrome (both WebKit and Chromium) as part of a new resolve to provide an open-source browser kit for Android.


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