ClassicMap, a third party mapping app that bore a close resemblance to Apple's defunct Google Maps-powered app was pulled from iOS App Store Thursday, after being hosted for just two days on App Store.

ClassicMap developed by Katsumi Kishikawa was an unofficial Google Maps replacement that came into focus after severe criticism surrounding Apple's proprietary mapping application released with iOS 6.

Apparently, Katsumi Kishikawa, has two other applications to his credit but none are available on App Store. The free application that was hosted in App Store Monday carried a look and feel similar to the old version of Apple's maps, CNET has reported.

However, the app did not offer point-to-point directions and was "terrible for searching" that made it appear inadequate among competing options.

While ClassicMap did not offer data like Google's massive mapping services database, its mere existence shows the demand for alternatives to iOS Maps, AppleInsider has stated.

The ClassicMap app hosted an options menu that appeared similar to Apple's Maps app that folded to reveal extra options, CNET has pointed.

In a tweet, Kishikawa noted that the removal was "Apple's decision," and did not elaborate, CNET has added.

Cult of Mac has noted that the code source for the app is available on GitHub.