Over 17 leading galleries and museums across the world have come together to be part of Internet giant Google Inc.'s latest online venture called Art Project.

This unique collaboration is aimed to enable art lovers and connoisseurs globally to discover thousands of extraordinary artworks by renowned artists in minute detail.

Using Google's Street View technology, people will now be able to explore 17 masterpieces, one from each museum. This includes Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night from MoMA, Pieter Bruegel's The Harvesters from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and van Gogh's Bedroom from Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Google claims that the virtual tour will enable viewers to observe never-before-seen details of the exquisite masterpieces stating that even the finest brushstrokes can be seen. Several interesting tools have been added wherein viewers can not only explore the various museums but can also learn in-depth about the various artistic creations.

Dropdown menus incorporated can be used to choose a museum and to find artworks in the museum. One can also find more work by a particular artist or learn more about a particular creation. Apart from this, a 360-degree tour of the various museums is also possible with the help of the Street View program. 

Apart from the Street View, a new device was built by Google called Google Trolley comprising a camera, a computer and sensors. All the details about the various galleries, right from the gallery spaces to the artwork particulars, have been captured using this device.

Another intriguing feature of the artwork project is that users can create their own collection by saving views of any of the artworks and building a personalized collection. Comments can also be added to the paintings and users can even share the collection with friends, family and across social networks.