Massachusetts Republicans are using U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's comment that she created much of the intellectual foundation for Occupy Wall Street movement, to call her the Matriarch of Mayhem.

The state GOP released a web video Thursday based on Warren's interview with The Daily Beast, published Monday, in which she said that her work on consumer advocacy issues laid the groundwork for the demonstrations against corporate greed and economic inequality.

Warren, a Harvard Law professor who is expected to be the Democrat to take on Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, also told The Daily Beast that she supports the protesters. The Daily Beast on Wednesday posted a transcript of the exchange, in which Warren said that everybody has to follow the law. That's the starting point.

The Massachusetts Republican Party's video includes some of the more radical comments during Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and clips of mass arrests. More than 100 were arrested during demonstrations in Boston earlier in October.

The video also includes a quote from Democratic pollster Doug Schoen contending that the protesters are bound by a deep commitment to radical left-wing policies.

The results from Schoen's own survey conducted in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, however, show that the protesters most wanted to influence the Democratic Party rather than see a radical redistribution of wealth, which made up four percent of responses. The biggest grievance among surveyed protesters' was the influence of corporate money on politics. Only three percent said capitalism frustrated them the most.

Meanwhile, Warren on Thursday clarified her remarks, saying she misspoke and that the Occupy Wall Street protests were organic.

What I meant to say was I've been protesting Wall Street for a long time now, said Warren, according to The Associated Press.