Tuesday night's Republican debate hosted by Fox Business will delve once again into the subject of economic policies in the U.S. and is expected to allow candidates the opportunity to answer questions on taxes, the job market and economic health. The subject may seem dry to some people, but if CNBC's debate on the same subject was any indicator, economic questions don't stop GOP candidates from taking jabs at each other and the moderators.

Viewers at home can get into the competitive spirit by following along with this politically-inspired drinking game. The debate among the top eight candidates begins at 9 p.m. EST and is set to last two hours, so pace yourself, America.

1.  Candidates were on the offensive against moderators during the CNBC debate Oct. 28. In case the Fox Business debate goes the same way, take a shot of whisky every time a candidate uses the word “liberal media” or refuses to answer a moderator’s question.

2. If any of the candidates compares some element of the U.S. economy to a government in Europe (watch out France and Sweden), take a sip of cognac.

3. If Donald Trump makes reference to any candidate’s physical appearance. Take a shot with your friends while winking at each other seductively.

4. When candidates criticize each others' business records, face-off with a friend in a beer chugging contest. Whoever finishes his or her beer first must call the runner-up “a dumb loser.”

5. When a candidate takes a jab at Obamacare, take a sip of your beer.

6. If a candidate says anything positive about Obamacare, take two shots of the liquor of your choice.

7. Take a sip of beer when anyone mentions the “average American,” “the real America,” or “the middle class.”

8. Each time a candidate talks longer than his or her allotted 90 seconds, take a tiny sip of the drink of your choice.