GoPro has announced that it will finally be unveiling its first ever drone, called the GoPro Karma, on Sept. 19. The drone was first announced back in December, but the company has kept details about it under wraps, until now.

GoPro announced the official Sept. 19 launch date of the Karma on its official Twitter account by posting yet another short clip. The video teaser also includes a note to fans, saying that they will be able to watch the official unveiling of the drone at

Back in May 2015, GoPro said that it was working on its own quadcopter and called it “the ultimate GoPro accessory,” according to The Verge. The GoPro Karma’s name was announced later that year in December with the company promising to release it during the first half of 2016.

GoPro teased the Karma drone by releasing short clips of video footage that were, presumably, taken with the upcoming drone. The company has not yet revealed what the actual product looks like. Although other upcoming devices from big manufacturers have kept on surfacing, there appears to be no legitimate/trusted leaks on the GoPro Karma, as pointed out by GSMArena.

However, there have been some unconfirmed leaks showing what the Karma drone will look like. The leak shows that the drone will be a compact black quadcopter with a motorized gimbal where a GoPro camera can be mounted, as first reported by Mashable.

The source who leaked the design claims that the image was retrieved from GoPro’s server. However, there’s a huge possibility that this is simply a fake because no trusted source has corroborated the leak.

Although GoPro is finally set on revealing the drone, details on its official release date have been limited. Just this past May, the company pushed back the release date of the GoPro Karma to winter 2016, the same time when the GoPro Hero 5 will be released.

Speaking of the GoPro Hero 5, it’s currently being rumored that it will also be revealed alongside the Karma drone on Sept. 19.