Gordon Brown continues his active appearance even after leaving office. A day after the publication of his book Beyond the Crash Brown called in a televised interview with Bloomberg with more coordinated work among EU leaders to restore both confidence and growth.

Brown sees that the leaders should discuss the matters further and in private which is surely needed to avoid the market speculation and the continued jitters, to discuss means of ending the fiscal imbalance in the region; Brown sees it is more critical to reach a coordinated plan to end the dilemma instead of the deficit-reduction strategies adopted.

I agree with Brown on a key issue, which is the seen delay in action from policy markets and leaders, where to Brown his idea is for leaders to negotiate among themselves and come up with the needed plan; he said they've got to come out with a plan that really surprises the markets, and leads the markets, instead of being led by the markets which is what the market needs at this time of instability and volatility.